Mumbai Beaches Resorts

Mumbai is one of metropolis in India, the city being a destination that attracts many tourists throughout the year. Its cultural ethos, heritage and grandeur are never extinct by the increasingly powerful energy, speed and modernity of the entire region. Many attractions in Mumbai are very fascinating, one of which is a variety of beaches. Mumbai is a coastal city; the city offers several beaches that are perfect for spending time and having fun and playing with family and loved ones. There are many beachfront hotels, villas, apartments and condominiums in Mumbai that are committed to comfortable and relaxing accommodation. One of the most crowded communities to acquire these properties is at Raheja Exotica Sorento.

Mumbai offers beautiful beaches like Juhu beach, Versova Beach, Aksa Beach, Marve Beach, Manori Beach, Gorai Beach, and the most famous is Madh Island. In addition there is Chowpatty Beach near Girgaum and remains crowded especially at the time of Ganesh Puja. Tourists can watch countless Ganesha statues that are immersed in the sea and also enjoy delicious fast food from panipuri, bhelpuri, etc. Juhu Beach, in north Mumbai, is quite famous. If you choose to spend a holiday weekend at the beaches in Mumbai then you must prepare since morning because there will be very crowded by visitors.

Madh Island Beach became famous as a small and crowded beach. Why is the beach so crowded? Many things that can be enjoyed in this place include St. John’s famous church. Bonaventura, believed to be a 16th century Portuguese church, the famous Harbadevi Temple, is situated on a hilltop because they can also have beautiful sea views. In addition Madh Island is equipped with luxury properties on the beach front like condos, apartments, villas, and hotels. A special cluster built for tourists is Raheja Exotica Sorento.

Raheja Exotica Sorento is a community that has a vast collection of villas with spacious owners, condos and apartments in a modern style, designed in a charming Mediterranean style. This community has great architectural planning and top-class facilities for luxury life in India. Many Connoisseurs and investors from all over the world have booked their place here.  

In addition to apartments, condominiums and villas to stay and buy tourists are pampered with Hotel facilities in Mumbai. The facilities consist of comfortable rooms, an amazing restaurant, secure parking, and close to the beach. I recommend choosing a villa, apartment, or condo because the value of luxury is more secure. With exotic facilities such as swimming pool, sun deck, gymnasium, department store and amphitheater, Raheja Exotica Sorento brings luxury life to higher ground and indulgence to deeper depths. Add to the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Sea and you already have an inner passion, but to stay temporarily for a few days then choosing a Hotel is better.